Jeff Stevensen Photography

Bridge Work 2

  Following on the heels of my night photography of the Richmond Hill Avenue Bridge for BL Companies, I was contacted by Lamb-Star Engineering out of Plano, Texas. Lamb-Star had just completed construction engineering coordination of more than a half-dozen projects in Maine, replacing bridges and rebuilding roadways. The Veterans Memorial Bridge excited me from the start because I had watched and appreciated this bridge when it was under construction. Principally designed by T.Y. Lin International, it consists of two variable depth, pre-cast segmental structures, with each structure approximately 1,600′ in length.  Continue Reading »

Minus Eleven And The Sea Smokes

  I planned to make photographs of sea smoke on New Years Day. January 1, 2014, dawned clear and a biting -5 degrees Fahrenheit, but the ocean at Portland Head Light was visually ordinary. A large bank of sea smoke well more than 500 feet high stood at least a mile off shore, but the foreground ocean was windswept and open. That’s the nature of a dawn shoot – always unpredictable. Going out is an act of faith. The extraordinarily cold weather had a multi-day grip on Maine, so I set  Continue Reading »

Time In The OR

One of my recent assignments was to shoot some high-profile photographs for Maine General Medical Center:  the DaVinci robotic surgery system in action in a surgical suite, and a group portrait of the DaVinci surgeons. The DaVinci allows a surgeon to operate sophisticated surgical instruments by remote control through very small incisions with very precise small movements impossible to do by hand. The surgeon views the operation in high-resolution, magnified stereo vision on a separate console, on the right above. Time Is Everything Going in to any surgery suite is challenging,  Continue Reading »

Fresh Dawn 2013

  New Year’s Day 2013 arrived, cold and promising. Dawn shooting – like life – is an uncertainty, an act of faith and always a surprise. The storms of 2012 are behind us, and light is always purest after a storm. May we face every dawn with clarity, and in this new year refresh our hopes, resolve our purposes, and remember to believe.

Bridge Work

A leg of my recent architectural assignment in Connecticut for BL Companies was to shoot the new Richmond Hill Avenue Bridge over the Mill River in Stamford, Connecticut. The bridge is adjacent to the US headquarters of Royal Bank of Scotland, which has a massive trading complex and a striking employee veranda on the eighth floor. RBS graciously allowed me access to the veranda to shoot down on the bridge for some unusual variations. But my favorite views were at dusk, when the deepening blue sky was in counterpoint to  Continue Reading »