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Minus Eleven And The Sea Smokes

  I planned to make photographs of sea smoke on New Years Day. January 1, 2014, dawned clear and a biting -5 degrees Fahrenheit, but the ocean at Portland Head Light was visually ordinary. A large bank of sea smoke well more than 500 feet high stood at least a mile off shore, but the foreground ocean was windswept and open. That’s the nature of a dawn shoot – always unpredictable. Going out is an act of faith. The extraordinarily cold weather had a multi-day grip on Maine, so I set  Continue Reading »

Fresh Dawn 2013

  New Year’s Day 2013 arrived, cold and promising. Dawn shooting – like life – is an uncertainty, an act of faith and always a surprise. The storms of 2012 are behind us, and light is always purest after a storm. May we face every dawn with clarity, and in this new year refresh our hopes, resolve our purposes, and remember to believe.

Chasing The Rainbow

A big thunderstorm opened summer a little early, rolling over Portland on June 8th. It was late afternoon and there was a lot of lightning, with some torrential rain bursts. I’d had a frustrating week in the office with dull phone and computer tasks, so I determined to chase the storm — I wanted to capture lightning bursts. The storm was moving fast, so without much time to spare I drove to Fort Allen Park at the Eastern Prom. Chasing storms always makes me feel like I’m forever behind the  Continue Reading »

Port Clyde Summer Gallery

    Summer ends, fading to a deepening season. Despite last weekend’s warm termperatures, which inspired the mosquitos in my backyard to rise from their torpor to a frenzy, summer’s memory will become winter’s distant dream.   I invite you to share a bit of summer in one of Maine’s rich places, Port Clyde on the St. George peninsula. Port Clyde has become an important locus of renewal for me over the past several summers, a haven of rich natural light and beauty unique to Maine. Scroll down, and if  Continue Reading »