evening slack tide and still water, Port Clyde Harbor, Maine

Evening slack tide and still water, Port Clyde Harbor, Maine


Summer ends, fading to a deepening season. Despite last weekend’s warm termperatures, which inspired the mosquitos in my backyard to rise from their torpor to a frenzy, summer’s memory will become winter’s distant dream.


I invite you to share a bit of summer in one of Maine’s rich places, Port Clyde on the St. George peninsula. Port Clyde has become an important locus of renewal for me over the past several summers, a haven of rich natural light and beauty unique to Maine. Scroll down, and if you wish to see a much larger and more comprehensive galley you can click here.


Rowboat on a dock in Port Clyde Harbor, Maine

Rowboat on a dock at sunset, Port Clyde, Maine


Most visitors see Port Clyde simply as a pass-through port on the way to Monhegan Island — Monhegan of the artists, Monhegan of the dreams. Port Clyde gives up its secrets more slowly than Monhegan, not yet wrapped in a big-art mythos, not yet gentrified or cute. Port Clyde is a working port first and foremost, and plans to stay that way for a long time to come.


Marshall Point Light House And Port Clyde Harbor, Dusk

Port Clyde Harbor with Marshall Point Light, dusk


Lobster boats are as ubiquitous in Port Clyde as skyscrapers are in Manhattan. They’re simply everywhere you look, tools of commerce at the heart of the economy. To shoot here one must cast aside limiting ideas of art high or low, and simply see that which is here now. Who knows how long this fishing economy will last?


Twilight Rainstorm And Kayaker, Port Clyde Harbor, Maine

Twilight rainstorm and kayaker, Port Clyde Harbor, Maine


Marshall Point Light And Fog, Early Dawn

Marshall Point Light and fog, early dawn


Heavy Fog, Evening, Port Clyde, Maine

Heavy fog, evening, Port Clyde, Maine


Cleaning the hull of the Ella Christine, Port Clyde Harbor, Maine

Cleaning the Ella Christine, Port Clyde Harbor, Maine


Sun Through The Fog, Port Clyde Harbor And Marshall Point Light

Sun through the fog, Port Clyde Harbor and Marshall Point Light


Sweatshirt, Port Clyde Harbor

Sweatshirt, Port Clyde Harbor


Heading Out With Traps, Port Clyde Harbor

Fresh traps, Port Clyde Harbor


Morning Lobster Gear At Port Clyde Harbor

Lobstering gear, Port Clyde Harbor


Lobster boat going out in the morning, Port Clyde, Maine

Morning sun outward bound, Port Clyde Harbor


Lobster Buoys On The Dock, Port Clyde, Maine

Buoys, Port Clyde


Rope on the dock in late sun, Port Clyde, Maine

Ropes on the dock, Port Clyde Harbor


Sun Through The Fog, Port Clyde Harbor, Maine

Sun through the fog, Port Clyde Harbor, Maine


Gulls, Evening, Port Clyde, Maine

Gulls, evening, Port Clyde, Maine


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