I’ve been in love with photography since I had my first camera, a Brownie Starmite, at age seven. I built my first darkroom in eighth grade.

I grew up in Windsor Locks, Connecticut. I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree from Syracuse University, 1974. After graduation, I worked for Children’s Hospital Medical Center as a neuroscience photographer, then moved into commercial photography in 1975. I assisted several fine commercial photographers, then went on my own. I moved to Maine in 1977.

Since then, I’ve been creating photography for local, regional and Fortune 500 clients. Assignments have taken me throughout the United States and to England, Sweden, Germany, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Hong Kong. I specialize in location photography of people, technology, architecture and the natural world. My experience has made me an adept and nimble traveler, attuned to negotiating different cultures and languages.

As a New Englander by disposition in the one-second-attention-span Internet age, I’m still a bit bashful about banging my own drum. So let me say, as Walter Brennan’s character did in a certain ’60’s TV show, “No brag, just fact.” My specialty is making magic – seeing beyond the everyday. Whether a laboratory or a landscape, my photos are impeccably produced, with clean composition, beautiful color and masterful use of light. I’m a digital expert and meticulous at preparing photographs for reproduction. I do photo Mastering, complex compositing and color management consulting.

Photography, the Language of Light, is my vocation and my passion. My point of view is that the world is a marvelous place, and it is my life’s work to capture and communicate that marvel with the camera. My fine art work embraces both the traditions of film photography and today’s digital media. I’m a master printer well known for the evocative beauty of my silver and gicleé prints. My work resonates with a charged sense of place and moment.

I reside in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, within easy striking distance of major airports and assignments anywhere.